About Us

Converseon has been a leader in social and voice of customer text analytics and insights for over 17 years. Our clients utilize Converseon’s Machine Learning and NLP models to support global Brand Tracking, CX, and VoC programs, frequently for 20+ markets and across languages. As a Machine Learning as a Service platform for social and Voice of Customer text analysis, we are borderless and provide solutions globally in a seamless manner. We have been pioneering the application of machine learning to social text since 2008. 


Converseon is the ideal solution for brands that demand research-quality data, accuracy, and granular analysis to understand consumer perception around a brand and their competitors, industries, attributes, state of the journey, and the online/digital experience. 

Conversus.AI is our leading machine learning as a service platform specifically for text analytics, and purpose-built for social, product reviews, Voice of Customer feedback data, and more. Converseon Machine Learning is recognized for transforming unruly, unstructured data into research-grade data that speed time to actionable insights. Our Conversus.AI platform democratizes AI, allowing non-data scientists and data scientists to build their own models. We also provide a full range of solutions, from full turnkey service including insights and reporting pre-built industry models, and self-service DIY active learning environments to build, test, and validate these models.

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