Want to Use Brand Purpose Measurement for 2021 planning?

Measure your Brand Purpose initiatives at the Speed of Culture


Get a real-time gauge of how your Brand Purpose and reputation  is trusted and resonating with consumers and stakeholders online. 

Converseon's award-winning AI-techniques uses social data to create a meaningful set of CSR and Trust scores.


The CSR scores are perfect KPIs to communicate the performance of your initiatives across the enterprise.

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Conversus.AI is the leader in MLaaS for this type of natural language processing. Provided by Converseon, the platform is already intelligent, having been rigorously trained over the last decade across more than 20 industries and more than a dozen languages. It was named “Top NLP” Platform by the 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards and Quirks Marketing Research and Excellence Award Winner. With effective use, its models generally outperform individual humans and transform this messy unstructured data into insight-rich research-grade data.