COVID-19 Insights Leaders Roundtable: Edition 17

Our intention when we started these sessions 17 weeks ago was to create a resource for industry leaders to come together, share information and experiences, and give the larger industry needed insights into the evolving market and inspiration for tackling the period of disruption we find ourselves in.  I think we have fulfilled that vision well.

Listen to the episode here.

That said, over the course of the last few weeks we have begun to realize that this forum needs to evolve as well to reflect the realities of now; the situation has changed, and we need to adapt to that to in order to be useful. So, this is our “penultimate” edition of the Insight Leaders Roundtable. After next week’s edition we will be taking a break, retooling things to meet the needs of the future, and coming back with an all new format and focus. Watch this space for more soon!

So how was this one? As usual, stellar! We had an incredibly diverse panel from all sectors of the industry to share their thoughts and experience on such topics as: how methodologies are being reinvented to address not just changing practical considerations, but whole new questions, how clients are balancing between strategic and tactical insight needs, which categories are booming, which are struggling, and which are holding their own, the focus on ROI for insights and thinking about where the future whitespace may be for both insights buyers and suppliers.

For this session, the panelists were:

  • Gregg Archibald, Senior Partner, Gen2 Advisors

  • Richard Clarke, Senior Vice President – Potentiate

  • Rob Key, CEO – Converseon

  • Kim Harrison, CEO – Focus Forward

  • Miriam Alexander, – CEO; lead principal – Go Deep Strategy

  • Nancy Smith, President and CEO – Analytic Partners

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