• Ian Abrahamsen

Quirk's Virtual Event 2020 - How to measure brand purpose at the speed of culture

In a time of crises, “brand purpose” has taken center stage. Value-driven consumers are demanding that brands get off the sidelines and answer the question: “How are you making the world a better place?”

The challenge: you can’t manage what you can’t measure and you can’t measure what you can’t define. This session provides a new approach that leverages social listening data that enables brands to quantifiably clearly understand, benchmark, and better align with key stakeholders on brand purpose initiatives. This session will help insight pros understand:

• The drivers and evolution of brand purpose

• A comprehensive framework for measuring brand purpose and bench-marking performance

• How to measure brand purpose at the “speed of culture”

The session will include a sneak peek at Converseon’s new Brand Purpose Favorability Index.

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